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Because we CARE.
Aligning to the CARE Framework

Open Educational Resources have the power to improve students’ access to content and improved access to course materials provides increased opportunity for student success. That is why Macmillan Learning has continued to expand Intellus Learning, the first and only aggregation of open educational resources (OER) and academic library materials and align ourselves to the CARE Framework.

What It Means to CARE

As stated by careframework.org, the purpose of the CARE Framework is to “articulate a set of shared values and a collective vision for the future of education and learning enabled by the widespread adoption and use of OER”. For us, this is an outline of how we can support and advance the OER movement, while staying true to the values of the open community.


OER stewards actively contribute to efforts, whether financially or via in-kind contributions, to advance the awareness, improvement, and distribution of OER.


OER stewards practice conspicuous attribution, ensuring that all who create or remix OER are properly and clearly credited for their contributions.


OER stewards ensure OER can be released and used beyond the course and platform in which it was created or delivered.


OER stewards are inclusive and strive to meet the diverse needs of all learners, including by supporting the participation of new and non-traditional voices in OER creation and adoption.

Being a Responsible OER Steward

With our commitment to open education, we aim to ensure all current and future strategies continuously align with the CARE Framework.


  • Annual donation to OER-related non-profit, e.g. WikiEducation in 2018.

  • Sponsor & exhibit at campus, state, regional or national OER-related conferences, including Creative Commons Global Summit, Open Ed Conference, OLC conferences, WCET and more.

  • Intellus Learning’s platform, Intellus Open Courses, and the On the Open Road Webinar Series promote awareness, improvement and distribution of OER. The free On the Open Road Webinar Series offers thought leadership around different funding sources, how to implement institutional OER initiatives, how to support OER initiatives as a faculty member or instructional designer, and how OER can improve student outcomes.

  • Participated & contributed content to Open Ed Week 2018. Will continue for 2019-onward.

  • Since 2012, Macmillan’s Sapling Learning has partnered with OpenStax as a formal OpenStax Ally, helping to scale and promote OER.


  • Proper attribution and digital rights audit of all open content included in Intellus Open Courses.

  • Proper attribution of all content in Intellus Learning platform.

  • Explanation of attributions in lecture presentation slides & content of Intellus Open Courses.

  • Explanation of how to attribute Intellus Learning content from Intellus Open Courses on our website.


  • Open content from Intellus Open Courses will be available via the Intellus website (no password, no paywall) or easily shareable links.

  • CC-BY designation for all Macmillan content created specifically for Intellus Open Courses.

  • CC-BY lecture/presentation slides from Intellus Open Courses will be listed in OER Commons.


  • Intellus is utilized to provide search & discovery tools to empower customization of a range of courses or any Intellus Open Course.

  • Intellus indexes 6.8 million open educational resources from a diverse landscape of authors and voices.

  • Diversity in subject matter experts contracted for both the editorial and reviewing processes for Intellus Open Courses.

  • Soliciting reviews/changes for Intellus Open Course content & structure from a wide array of schools.

  • Provide instructors and content curators with accessibility information to help them choose the most accessible content for diverse learners, empowering multimodal learning.

  • Special outreach to Historically Black Colleges & Universities and Tribal Schools about low cost Intellus Open Course options.