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At Intellus Learning, we strive to make course materials affordable for all students, and in giving faculty the tools to make affordability easy and efficient. Intellus Learning empowers instructors to quickly access quality open education resources (OER) as well as their institution’s academic library materials to help replace expensive course materials, while providing powerful insight into students’ engagement with the assigned content.

    • Saves faculty time in discovering high quality, relevant Open Educational Resources (OER) and academic library resources.
    • Empowers faculty to respond to institutional initiatives to improve student affordability of course resources.
    • Enables faculty to have deep, real-time insight into students’ engagement with assigned course content.
We invite you to a free, 30-day trial of Intellus Learning to help your instructors leverage free, quality content to build a zero-cost lesson for their students.

Intellus Learning supports great teaching and learning in higher education with intelligent analytics that help faculty and institutions select and recommend the best content for each student.

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